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Works in Any Device

The site is designed to respond to device screen size and to present the best possible viewing experience for the visitor no matter how they view the site.

Javascript Used

Javascript is used to enhance this site. If disabled, your experience of this site may degrade.

External Links Open New Windows

Links pointing to an address external to this site display a dotted line underneath (e.g. DuckDuckGo) and open in a new tab.

Different Browsers — Different Experiences

Unlike printed documents, each browser can display pages differently even within the same operating system.

You should be able to view the content on this site with any browser although your experience may not be optimal when using older browsers.

Use a Recent Web Browser

Running obsolete (unsupported or unpatched) software makes you vulnerable and puts everyone at risk by allowing the spread of malware, viruses and security holes that can be exploited by hackers, governments and other parties that threaten our privacy.

Be sure to keep all your software updated to the most recent version including your Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android plus any installed programs or apps.

You can download a current browser that displays this site as it was intended from the Russ Harvey's Web Browser page.

Text May Be Enlarged/Reduced

Text sizes may be increased/decreased in modern browsers if you have difficulty viewing the default sizes or if the default sizing doesn't work for you. This function varies by browser and version, but try holding down the Ctrl button and pressing:

The Zoom function is usually located in the View menu when menus are displayed. Most modern browsers have hidden these settings to preserve the space at the top of the page because newer monitors are wider but not as tall. Look for the Zoom settings in the Options or Toolbar icons.

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PDF Documents

Several documents on this site are provided in PDF.

A number in brackets — e.g. (PDF–250 KB) — indicates the size of the document in Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB).

Browsers will Display PDFs

In most cases, these documents will display inside current versions of browsers like Firefox, Edge and Chrome without the need for plugins. However, not all browsers support enhanced features like filling out embedded forms before printing them.

PDF Reader Recommended

If features you require don't work in your browser, you'll need a dedicated PDF reader that has the ability to manage these extras.

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Site Design & Maintenance

This site is designed by Russ Harvey Consulting. Please only if you have concerns directly related to the site design or function.


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Updated: October 30, 2021